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Steps To Submitting Your College Application

Step 1: Application Form

  • Find an application form to the college of your choice by viewing the schools website.
  • Some schools require you to submit The Common Applicationone application for applying to multiple schools. The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is one school that currently requires students to use The Common Application.


Step 2: High School Transcript

  • Request your transcript from Parchment unless a fee is required.  If Parchment requests you to pay a fee, please visit the counseling office for help.  
  • You must request copies of your high school transcripts to be sent directly to the colleges to which you apply. If you transferred schools or earned college credit while in high school, you must request transcripts from those institutions, as well.


Step 3: Standardized Test Score

  • Most schools will accept ACT/SAT scores from the transcript, though some (MSU is one example) require that the scores come directly from the testing agency. 
  • Hartland High School Transcripts will have the ACT/SAT scores listed for any past test date in which the student marked the high school code onto their ACT/SAT answer sheets.
  • Send scores directly from ACT
  • Send SAT scores from Collegeboard 


Additional Document: Letters of Recommendation

  • Some schools will require a letter of recommendation.  Please be sure to give the person writing this letter for you advance notice (two to three weeks). 


Make sure you meet all application deadlines. A completed application means that you have all four of the steps listed above, complete.  You need to make sure you are giving extra time for all parts of an application to be received when preparing for a deadline.

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