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College Representative Visits at Hartland High School


  2019/2020 College Visit Schedule

Every school year, college representatives visit Hartland High School.  These representatives share information about programs offered at that college, scholarships, tuition and financial aid, as well as information about campus life.  Students should sign up in the main office, at least 24 hours in advance, to receive a pass to attend a college visit.



On-site College Visits

Students are strongly encouraged to visit the campuses of schools that they consider attending. A college visit is crucial step in the college planning process, and usually helps the students narrow down which schools they are serious about applying to. Hartland High School Counselors recommend that students visit colleges during a time when the college campus is active, and classes are taking place. This will give the students the best idea of what attending a specific school might be like. Generally, students are visiting colleges during their junior year of high school in order to narrow down college choices to the ones that they plan on applying to. It is recommended that students plan their visits in advance through the individual college admissions departments. Some visits may be one on one appointments, and other times colleges will have large scale programs which include all sorts of activities. Always schedule the visit ahead of time, and plan ahead with current teachers to make up any school work that was missed.

Students who attend a college visit can have their absence from Hartland High School counted as "school related" as long as they return with a letter on college letterhead stating that they visited campus on a specified date. This letter needs to be from an admissions representative, and needs to be turned in the first day of school following the visit. Upon receipt of this letter, the student’s attendance record will be changed from an "absence" to a "school related" absence.

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