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Upcoming Parenting Programs:
Upcoming Community Parent Programs
College Planning by Frank Bernier (topics covered are very similar to those covered in Hartland's college planning programs.)

Hartland Online Academy:

Hartland Virtual Academy Publication

Free National Honor Society Tutoring is available in the Counseling Office Tuesday/Thursday immediately following school beginning on October 1st. Peer tutors are available to help any student on a drop in basis. Students must arrive by 2:20 PM and it is requested that students in need of tutoring bring study materials.

National Honor Society Tutors are also available to tutor in the evenings and/or weekends for a fee of $10.00 per hour. If you are interested in this option, you can contact Ms. Evans at or by phone at 810-626-2365.

Spanish Tutoring:

Wednesdays in Spanish teachers' classrooms (varies each week – check with your Spanish teacher) from 2:15-2:45.

Adult Tutor Resource List: (Note: Teachers do not work under the HCS contract when tutoring students outside the school day, the parties involved contract all services, including fees, location, time schedule, materials, etc.)

Tutor List


Online Study Skills and Test Taking Resources:

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