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Keep updated on available local scholarships by reading the most recent Scholarship Gazette. To apply, follow directions in the Gazette or pick up applications in the career center. Watch for due dates and be sure to give up to two weeks time for others to complete any recommendations if required. 

The Scholarship Gazette is available at the link below. It lists local and regional scholarship opportunities for Hartland students. 

 The following list of websites will provide you with additional scholarship information and resources. 

Scholarship Websites: 
College NET: Scholarship search and other information 
Fastweb: For tips on college success, scholarship search & college search visit. Cappex: Create a list of scholarships based on your accomplishments in high school.
College Gold: Excellent for scholarship searches and to determine EFC (estimated family contribution) for college costs: 
Good Call: Search thousands of scholarships:
Merit Aid: For students with a broad range of GPA's, interests, community service, leadership, etc: 
Southeast Michigan Community Foundation Scholarships:
Financial Aid Websites
All college bound students should complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in January/February of their Senior year. 

 A worksheet about the FAFSA: 
 U.S. Department of Education site including FAFSA (application for financial aid), Pell Grant, student loans and other related programs 
Electronic filing of FAFSA - 
Student Loans: For information on college costs, and how to select a college visit. 
A compendium of financial aid information and links to scholarship site. Includes an estimator to determine financial aid eligibility 
Veterans Educational Benefits - 
Peterson's college and financial aid information - Financial Aid eligibility estimator - 
Another financial aid estimator offered by ACT, the same people who bring you the college admissions assessment test - 
Tips on applying for financial aid, downloadable financial aid guides, and college budget expenses. WACHOVIA HOPE and Lifelong Learning tax credits:,,id=177520,00.html 
Compare loan prices and stats - 
Free Information on private scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, internships, fellowships, and loans. For undergraduate through post-doctorate. 

Financial Aid Documents: 

FAFSA Information 
The Official FAFSA website:
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