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Current Students can have transcripts mailed at no cost.  
Alumni should expect a $5.00 fee per transcript requested.  
Please follow the directions below to have your transcript sent.

Transcripts to a College or University for students who graduated in 2004 or after:
Transcripts for students applying to colleges and universities are available electronically for alumni who graduated in the year 2004 and after.  To request your transcript to be delivered to a college or university electronically you will need to do so from the Parchment Website.
The link above provides you with the ability to request transcripts for college and universities through Parchment. Transcripts requested online are sent securely to the colleges and universities that you select. You may track your request online.  You will also receive an email notification when we approve your transcript request and again when your transcript is delivered.  
There is no fee for current students to request a transcript.  If currently enrolled students are charged a fee, exit out of parchment and contact the counseling office.  Do not pay the fee.  
Electronic Transcripts cost $5.00 for Alumni of Hartland High School.  All graduates will be required to pay by credit card on Parchment.  If you do not have a credit card or would prefer to pay by money order (payable to Hartland High School) or cash (checks are not accepted), print the Alumni Transcript Request Form and send it along with $5.00 payment to: Hartland High School Counseling Office, 10635 Dunham Road, Hartland, MI 48353
Transcripts for students who graduated before 2004 or Transcripts to a location other than a college:
Alumni prior to 2004 as well as anyone who needs their transcript sent somewhere other than a college or university must print out and complete the transcript request form and either mail it or deliver it in person to the Hartland High School Counseling office, along with a $5.00 money order (payable to Hartland High School) or cash per transcript requested.
Hartland High School Counseling Office, 10635 Dunham Road, Hartland, MI 48353

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