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What do I need to do to become a member of next year's Link Crew?
  1. This year's app requires ALL applicants to upload a 1.5 min video on FlipGrid.  Go to the application page for more information.
  2. You need to fill out and RETURN a signed acknowledgement form. You will need to include a current photo with it when you turn it into room 220 ( Mrs. Lanigan).
  3.  You will need to fill out an online application.  Go to the application page for more information .
What do I do if I do not have online access and cannot fill out an application?
Get a library pass and fill the application out during your lunch or after school.
When are the applications DUE?
Applications are due April 1, 2020 by 11:59 pm. 
Will you accept late applications?
No, late applications will NOT be accepted.
I forgot to include a picture or have my parent sign the acknowledgement form, will you still accept the application?
No, incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. 
Is there anything else I have to do after I turn in the application?
Print, sign and attach a recent photo to the acknowledgement form.  Turn it in to the folder outside of room 220 when school is back in session in April.
What if I cannot make it to the training days or the day of Freshman orientation?
The days of training and the day of Freshman orientation are KEY to laying the foundation of Link Crew. If you cannot commit to the required dates listed on the application, please do not apply this year.  ***If you are selected as a Link Leader and do not attend the required dates, you will no longer be a Link Leader and will be dismissed from the Crew.
Is Link Crew over after Freshman orientation?
No, Link Crew continues through the ENTIRE school year.  All Link Crew members are  involved in service and social events such as Cocoa and Cram, and follow up activities with your Freshman orientation group.
What are the required dates again?

May Day  - To be announced

Training - Thursday, August 6th from 8:00 -2:00 pm

Training - Friday, August 7th from 8:00 -2:00 pm

Freshman Orientation -  Monday, August 10th 7:00 - 1:00 pm

 Cocoa and Cram - the week before Midterm Exams  5:30- 7 pm
 Crew  Meetings - once a month during seminar
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