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Eductional Development Plan (EDP)

Eductional Development Plan (EDP)

The State of Michigan requires schools to have an educational development plan (EDP) for all students. The purpose of an EDP is to assist students in identifying career development goals as they relate to academic requirements. An EDP documents an ongoing process in which a student identifies both career goals and a plan of action to achieve them. Students are required to develop an EDP with guidance from school advisors and will continue to update  their EDP at least annually.
Hartland High School partners with Xello in using their online program to establish an EDP for each student. Xello’s program engages students in building the skills, knowledge and plans for future success.

Timing of EDPs

All students in Michigan are required to complete an EDP. Students should be provided the opportunity to develop an EDP in 7th grade and review the EDP in 8th grade. However, the law says EDPs must be started no later than 8th grade and then updated annually throughout high school.