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Testing Out gives a student the opportunity to skip a course if they can demonstrate proficiency in the course material. Each class has a different set of requirements which can range from only passing an exam to completing independent work or portfolio assignments in addition to a required exam. In all cases a C+ (77%) is the minimum score allowed for “passing”. Students who earn a C+ (77%) or better will earn credit for the class and are allowed to enroll in the next course in the sequence. Students who pass a test out exam will receive a grade of P (Pass) on their transcript which will not be calculated in a student’s G.P.A.
Students can attempt to test out of two semester courses during each test out window.  There is no flexibility on the announced test dates each year. Students must be available on the testing date if they want to participate in Testing Out.
To test out of a class you must complete the Test Out Application.  You must complete this form for each class you want to attempt the test-out.
Test Out Registration Form (Current High School Students)

Important Dates

Current High School Students
Important Dates:
Registration Deadline: March 17, 2021 at 3:00pm. No exceptions!
Study Material Pick-Up: Materials will be emailed to you on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Whichever email address you choose to register with is where the I Can statements will be emailed to. Text books will be made available for you and can be picked up any time AFTER April 7th from the front office. Books will be free to rent, but must be returned on the day of test. If the book is not returned, students will be charged a $60 lost book fee to their student account. 
Test-Out: Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 11:00am-2:00pm in Media Center after the half-day exams. Test out will happen in the career center computer lab across from the main office, unless otherwise noted in email. The cafeteria will NOT be open for lunch, so please plan ahead and eat before the 11am start time. 
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