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How to Get Invloved

Want to be invloved?

Want to be invloved?

Joining Student Council is a great way to become involved in school-wide decisions and to help create a positive Hartland High school atmosphere! Below are a few instructions to follow if you are interested in becoming a member of Student Council:

Step 1) To join Student Council, you must first apply to be in Class Council. Applications for Class Council will be emailed to your school email the first week in May. The electronic forms are due Sunday, May 9th by midnight. 

Step 2) If accepted to Class Council, you will join other classmates from your grade in Class Council meetings and will be required to attend a monthly meeting with all of the Class Councils in the Media Center. 

Step 3) Applications for Student Council will be available once you are granted acceptance into your Class Council. These applications are reviewed, and five to six people from each grade are selected as members of Student Council. If you are accepted, you will be notified and will now be a member of both your Class Council and Student Council. Student Council meets weekly and is a larger time commitment than Class Council. 

Step 4) Congratulations! You are now officially a Student Council member. This is an amazing opportunity to make Hartland High a better place and become actively involved in leadership roles around the school. Thank you for applying, we are so excited to work with you!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your Class Advisers, our Student Council Adviser, or any of the Student Council members listed on this website. 

Class Advisors by grade:
2022: Mr. Jahnke and Mrs. Mitchell
2023: Mrs. Szabo and Mrs. Lhota
2024: Ms. Kosla and Mrs. Mach
2025: TBD
Student Council Advisor: Mrs. Hoerauf