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Who We Are...

Exec Board: Lillie Waldron - President, Shelby Hopson - Vice President, Rachel Hatfield - Secretary, Grace Smith - Social Media Director (Instagram), Chase Guelette - Social Media Director (Twitter)

Seniors: Lillie Waldron, Alejandro Espinoza-Solis, Audrey Narhi, Nora Meadows, Joseph Streight, Rachel Hatfield

Juniors: Shelby Hopson, Amber Clark, Annah Stang, Rachel Mah, Travis Palmer 

Sophomores: Jacob Miller, Chase Guelette, Grace Smith, Carly Ostervik, Kylie Swierkos

Freshmen: Skyla Carnevale, Lauren Hawker, Maggie VanGoethem, Alexis Mosher, Abigail Rychlick, Karissa Szczechowicz 
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