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Board Officer Elections

Elections of the Board members. The nominating chairperson shall accept nominations for Board positions commencing with the May general membership meeting. Nominees must be PAC members during the year in which they serve as Board members. Permission from the nominee must be obtained prior to their name being placed on the ballot as a candidate. Election shall take place at the May general membership meeting… An officer shall not be eligible to serve for more than two consecutive years in the same office unless there is no candidate to fill the vacancy. Board positions may be shared by two individuals, at which time they shall act in a partnership capacity to complete and fulfill the objective of the position. 
For more clarification, you may request a copy of the bylaws.

HHS PAC Upcoming Meetings

Come join the fun and participate in your child's education while supporting the school at the same time! 
All meetings start at 7:45 a.m. in the Hartland High School Main Office Conference Room A.  This is, of course, if we are allowed to meet together in the fall.  Otherwise, we will be ZOOM meeting on these dates. 
If you have questions please contact us at
PAC Meeting Days 2021-2022
7:45 am- 8:30 am
 9/7/21 10/05/21 11/02/21 
 12/7/21 1/04/22 2/1/22
 3/01/22  4/5/22  5/03/22
PAC Meeting Minutes:

Upcoming Events

Interested in helping with any or all events, please email  We have jobs of varying size and time parameters.

Don't like the stress of event planning?

 Lend a hand to the Copy Crew who assist teachers/staff with copying and other special tasks. Look for posts here for help wanted. We appreciate you!

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